Extra Support for Mental Health

People experiencing mental health problems, who come to the attention of the Police Scotland or Transport Police within Forth Valley, are now getting quicker access to direct care and treatment, which, in many cases, avoids the need for them to be taken to the Emergency Department in Forth Valley Royal Hospital for an assessment. Click…

Individual Placement and Support

SAMH’s Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Services support people with mental health problems to gain employment. Individual Placement and Support: Supports people with severe and enduring mental health problems to secure and sustain competitive employment. Is tailored to individuals specific needs. Is co-located with Community Mental Health Teams. Has better employment outcomes than other models….

Decider Skills – Coming Soon

The Decider Skills are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for which there is a wealth of evidence to support their efficacy at treating mental health problems. In order to make the skills more memorable and therefore more effective, each skill has been simplified, with a visual prompt, and each skill…

New – NHS Self Help Guides

NHS Forth Valley Health Promotion Service is pleased to announce access to a new digital bookshelf of self help guides for mental health and wellbeing where people can read, download, listen to an audio file or forward a guide to others.  The guides have been made available under license from Northumberland Tyne and Wear and…

Group Activities

We offer group activities that aim to improve well-being, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, while giving individuals an opportunity to learn new skills or build on existing ones.

Key Worker System

Each service user that attends Caledonia Service will be allocated a Key Worker from our staff team. This will be a helpful and supportive partnership. Your key worker will: get to know you learn about your difficulties find out how you see your problems know about your strengths discuss any plans with you give information…

Peer to Peer Support

Peer to peer support is also a major part of our service as we can provide a sense of belonging to a community of people with similar experiences.