Mission Statement

Caledonia Service support service users in a person centred way striving to enable each individual to have an active and participative role in their local community.  Our service recognises the abilities and talents of service users through a community of mutual support and will promote a positive view of mental health in the community, raising awareness to the general public to eliminate the stigma against those with a mental health illness.

Our goal is to support service users to maintain their health in the community, stabilise lifestyles, enable and enrich quality of life, social inclusion and a vision for the future.  Success depends on the efforts of everyone engaged in the service, which will have a positive impact on our service users for a brighter future.

Our service subscribes to the values and practices of the IJB strategic plan, SSSC Codes of Practice, the Mental Health Strategy for Scotland and the National Care Standards.  Dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realising potential and equality and diversity sit at the centre of the service we provide.  The National Care Standards state “The main goal of support services is to allow you to plan and achieve your preferred lifestyle.  To achieve this the service will provide the guidance, direction and assistance you need to help you work towards your personal goals in all aspects of your life.” 

Every service user who receives our support will be able to develop an individual lifestyle plan and we will work with them to achieve their goals, ambitions and aspirations through a person centred approach.  We will commit to work in partnership with all other professionals, family and agencies in support of service users individual plans, through a mixture of therapies, conservation and community work and developing individual skills of service user choice.