Cooking With Groups

Want to learn how to plan and prepare healthy homemade meals, read a recipe, and make a shopping list, then come along to our ‘Cooking with Groups’ class on Monday from 1pm-2.30pm or Thursday 1pm-2.30pm.

The group usually comprises of 2 smaller groups of no more than 3 people to allow everyone to participate equally. Each group will make the same dish, but can be a different variation i.e. one group making a ham and cheese omelette, and the other a mushroom and onion. Service users can take their meals home with them; however we usually keep a couple of small plates a side to taste as a group, comparing notes.

Some of the dishes we have made previously include: macaroni cheese with a side of sweet potato wedges, or minestrone soup followed by a sausage stir-fry. All service users are encouraged to bring in recipes or suggestions. You can just turn up on the day for this group, but remember numbers are limited, so if you are interested it’s better to note this with a member of staff beforehand.