NHS 24’s 111 service: New non-English Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

People whose first or preferred language is Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Sorani, and Ukrainian can now choose to listen to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages in these languages.

Having dialled 111, and pressed 9 on their phones, callers will have the option to press 1 if they want to listen to the IVR messages in other languages:

  • for Polish, they should press 1
  • for Arabic, they should press 2
  • for Mandarin, they should press 3
  • for Spanish, they should press 4
  • for Romanian, they should press 5
  • for Sorani, they should press 6
  • for Ukrainian, they should press 7
  • for other languages, they should press 8

The NHS 24 colleague who answers will know the caller has requested language support, and will arrange for an interpreter to join the call.


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